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Statement to public opinion

At the beginning of this week, the Turkish occupation targeted a bus carrying an administrative officer in the Defense Authority of the Autonomous Administration in north and eastern Syria, which led to the death of the bus driver and the injury of one of her attendants, while she was carrying out her routine work in the town of Ain Issa.
The deliberate and repeated targeting of security personnel, administrators, and civilians in north and eastern Syria by the Turkish occupation and its terrorist militias have not stopped since the beginning of the aggression on our regions on the ninth of October 2019, and have led to the death of many civilians and military alike, along with the displacement of people who left their villages and homes, and the damage to their agricultural crops, in addition to causing great damage to their properties that part of which was destroyed, while the rest of them was stolen by the Turkish occupation militia.
Despite the announcement of the ceasefire, the Turkish occupation did not abide by it, and here we call on the United States of America, the guarantor of the Ankara Agreement signed with the Turkish occupation state on October 17, 2019, as well as the Russian Federation which signed Sochi Agreement on October 22, 2019, we call on them to exert pressure on the Turkish occupation, and to oblige it to implement the provisions of the two agreements, and the need to maintain the security and stability of northern Syria regions, in a manner that guarantees the safety of civilians and administration employees to perform their work in the service of the people of the region.
Likewise, we consider any breach of the two conventions as a blatant violation of international laws, treaties and covenants related to wars and conflict resolution, and that protecting the lives of people in our regions is considered, in accordance with the spirit and clauses of the two agreements, a moral and legal responsibility of the parties that guarantee them.
We also call on our people to exercise caution and take all measures to protect themselves from the repeated attacks of the Turkish occupation and its terrorist militias.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces
22 August 2020

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