Homemanshet32 mercenaries killed, SDF advance

32 mercenaries killed, SDF advance

AL-RAQQA- Fierce clashes erupted during the last 24 hours in all fighting axes in al-Raqqa, and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters entered another neighborhood south of the city. Moreover, the battles resulted in killing 32 mercenaries among them a sniper and a mine engineer.

In June 6, SDF launched the campaign of al-Raqqa city liberation as the forces achieved many advances during one month and a half in al-Raqqa city neighborhoods.

Entering another neighborhood

By another advance, the forces entered Nazleh Shehadeh neighborhood southern of the city after dominating the road of Jesser al-Jadeed (the New Bridge) that separates Nazleh Shehadeh neighborhood from al-Yarmouk liberated neighborhood amid fierce clashes as 5 mercenaries were killed and another number of them got wounded.

In addition, one anti-aircraft Dushka of 23 mm, and an amount of medium and light weapons in this neighborhood were seized by the fighters.

Clashes ongoing in al-Otayq Mosque surrounding, Turkish-made weapons found in al-Yarmouk

In Old al-Raqqa neighborhood, continuous clashes are still ongoing intermittently. On Monday night, clashes erupted in the surrounding of al-Otayq Mosque which is in the middle of the neighborhood, and 12 IS mercenaries among them a sniper, a mine engineer and a reporter were killed as 7 bodies of them were kept at the fighters’ hands. The fighters also destroyed an armored vehicle and seized an amount of weapons and ammunition.

In the western axis, in al-Barid and al-Diriya neighborhoods, the fighters were engaged into clashes against IS mercenaries, and 6 mercenaries were killed. Moreover, the fighters carried out a combing operation in al-Yarmouk neighborhood which has been liberated two days ago. A big amount of weapons and ammunition among them two Turkish-made LAF weapons with its hot missiles were found.

While in Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood which is south of the city, clashes broke out during SDF progress, and 9 mercenaries were killed.

During these all clashes, two SDF fighters martyred and 3 of them were wounded.


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