HomemanshetAram Amanos, the hero of the battle of Samaan Citadel

Aram Amanos, the hero of the battle of Samaan Citadel

AL-RAQQA- The spokesperson in the name of Wrath of Euphrates operation room Jihan Sheikh Ahmad said that they have liberated 45% from al-Raqqa city, and the encircled civilians’ liberation in the city is the most important thing for the fighters in the fronts. Moreover, Women Protection Units (YPJ) especially the Yazidi women have also a role in the liberation.

During a field tour of Jihan Sheikh Ahmad in some of liberated neighborhoods of al-Raqqa city, Jihan Sheikh Ahmad told the media that is keeping up with the battles there about the last developments of al-Raqqa city liberation.

45% of the city liberated, IS 2nd defensive line was broken

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad said “after 47 days of the Great Battle for al-Raqqa liberation have passed, Wrath of Euphrates operation room fighters liberated 8 neighborhoods, and 45% of the city is held by our fighters”.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad added “battles are ongoing in 6 neighborhoods, and strongly in the four outskirts of the city, and 2 neighborhoods of these (Hisham Abdul Melek which is southern of the city and al-Barid which is northwest of the city) are about to be liberated”.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad noted “we encircled the mercenaries in the city from 4 sides, and combing operations are ongoing in the four sides, and our forces with their special groups move to dismantle and remove the mines and open roads to liberate the civilians”.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad made it clear that their forces have liberated thousands of civilians till now. Jihan added ” as much as possible, we would dispose all our encircled people from IS and liberate them “

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad praised the role of YPJ in the city and their sacrifices to dispose women from IS mercenaries’ oppressions.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad concluded “the battle of al-Raqqa is the battle of revenge for all women in the person of Yazidi women and every woman who was exposed to the oppression of terrorism so we pay tribute to the sacrifices and resistance of Yazidi women units who came from Şengal Mountains to revenge with our women that are being sold for the first time at the hands of the mercenaries”.


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