HomemanshetDefensive lines are collapsing and 16 terrorists were killed

Defensive lines are collapsing and 16 terrorists were killed


Raqqa:  The SDF fighters are continuing in their advance in the four quarters of Raqqa City, and breaking and collapsing in defensive lines are continuous.

The clashes broke out between the SDF fighters and the terrorists ISIS Sadeq School, located in Nazlah Shahada Neighborhood, and in al-Baread (Post) Neighborhood and Roudah (Kindergarten) Neighborhood leading to killing 16 terrorist and the fighters destroyed two military vehicles so far

In Nazlah al-Shahada, south of the city, the SDF fighters were able to advance to Sadeq School in the center of the neighborhood, which the terrorist take as a main point of attacks on the SDF. The clashes in this area led to killing 12 terrorists. Their bodies with weapons in the hands of the fighters, and the fighters in the neighborhood destroyed two military vehicles loaded with Dushkin weapons

In al-Baread Neighborhood, northwest of the city, sniper teams of the SDF were able to target and kill two snipers of ISIS, who were concentrated on high buildings in the Neighborhood. In addition to the killing of two terrorists in Roudah by   snipers of the SDF.

In conjunction with the advance of the fighters, the engineering teams are working to clear and demining mines in three neighborhoods and opening corridors to free civilians

As a result of clashes in the city since yesterday evening until today, five fighters of the SDF were injured.

The Centre of Media of SDF.


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