HomemanshetIn response to the report of the coalition, which calls for inserting YPG and SDF within terrorist organizations lists

In response to the report of the coalition, which calls for inserting YPG and SDF within terrorist organizations lists


The reasons for the increase in the counter-campaign against the project of Autonomy and its experience in the northern Syria are purely political motives.  Some entities exploit in fabricated human rights files to pass their projects on Syrian territory without taking into account the circumstances of the war on terrorism and the legitimate defense by YPG according to international and humanitarian law. The YPG From the crisis in Syria through its speech and practice, we observe that it is committed to a clear national discourse away from extremism. The defense of the Syrian national identity is a central objective for it. The main force that participated in establishing SDF, which exceeds the number of Arab fighters 25 thousand in it , as well as the existence of defensive formations of the Christian components and others in Al-Jazeera , Kobane ,  Afrin,  Ashabab, Raqqa  and Aleppo. Since the beginning of the Syrian events these forces were against radical Islamic discourse, and committed to the policy of protection and defense of all components in And at the same time it refused to cooperate with the Syrian regime, which committed war crimes similar to extremist organizations, and fought for these attitudes battles with the regime in Aleppo, Qamishli and Hasakah, which resulted to killing many fighters in those battles.

In parallel, the YPG did not allow terrorist groups to dominate the Kurdish and Arab areas of the northern Syria in order to turn them into a hotbed of terrorism through the establishment of jihadist Islamic states that local and international security was destabilized by it.  Because the YPG followed this trend and did not comply with the regional recommendations against the various Syrian components, organized media campaigns have been regularly marketed by opposed parties to distort the reality and essence of the struggle of YPG, exploiting the distortion of field realities and placing them within the artificial legal context for political purposes.

These campaigns were increased when direct cooperation between the SDF  including the (YPG) with the International Alliance within the strategy of the war on terror, the achievement of military victories by defeating the Islamic State, ISIS , and the return of the displaced  people to their villages and  the newly liberated areas from ISIS  were organized in public services , relying on local self-sufficiency, in contradiction to the regional recommendations of the warring military and political groups in Syria. This is also applied to the promotion of YPG relations with the regime, Iran and others.

Therefore, the deliberate accusations that fall within the description of these forces under the category of “terrorism” outside the context of truthfulness and arguments consistent with the facts on the field, as much as the dress of political rhetoric counter.  The meaning is to distort the identity of the YPG to protect the people that stopped terrorism towards the Kurdish areas after the battles in Kobane particularly.  and the local and international opinion is aware of the presence of experts from many foreign countries working within the international coalition such as Britain, the United States and France are working and coordinate with these forces and know what this organization with its administrative details and Which relies heavily on its own capabilities in recruitment, adaptation, weapons security and training of field forces in fighting arts

The YPG and the SDF are the general Syrian military force, which fights to establish democratic bases throughout the country. It believes in ethnic, sectarian and sectarian diversity and fights global terrorism by ISIS and the like to bring peace and security to society

All these data are reliable and open to the international press and to international human rights organizations if they wish to conduct practical visits to the region and write field investigations in this regard. Hundreds of  different international institutions and media visited the Rojava before , the north of Syria and they reported a lot of reports through proving  live testimonies and studying the situation  on the ground, and some of them have permanent headquarters in Rojava, which keep up with their military campaigns with permanent cover

Systematic and professional observations:

The Syrian coalition – a political entity that opposes the Syrian regime from its offices in Turkey – called on the UN Security Council and others through a letter signed by its legal committee, dated July 25, 2017, to include the YPG on the list of terrorist organizations.

The nine-page report contained a number of inaccuracies and general accusations of relying, as it appears, on testimonies and sources that are not documented in their impartiality or are almost inspired by Autonomy opponents who failed to turn these areas into terrorist states or theaters of operations of the Syrian regime. These testimonies that are considered as   facts that fully mimic the counter-propaganda view by deliberate prejudice against the SDF and the YPG since the outbreak of bloody conflict in the country and the proliferation of terrorist groups on the borders of the Kurdish areas.

Obviously that the author of the report does not discriminate   or doesn’t want to differentiate between defense projects in the face of terrorism and that it is a legal obligation to ensure a tight secure policy to avoid diversion of the various Syrian regions and components that have become subject to successive terrorist attacks.  As the tactics followed by those groups through sleepy cells descended from the local community are influential in terms of the need to provide the necessary protection for the local population, as if the “coalition” – this entity burdened with dealing with jihadist groups that participated in the shedding of Syrian blood – wants to show public opinion: the YPG  against this chaos without taking any back-up security measures in accordance with the formula of law represented in legitimate defense.


These approaches lacking methodology and neutrality daily runs from the media circles and human rights organizations –the opposition – stands behind with those who tamper

with the  civil security in Syria, as being in the north of Aleppo through the “shield of the Euphrates” militias and Turkish forces, where the coalition  hides the practice of hard violations against the civilians including murder, enforced disappearance and systematic displacement by Islamist groups supported by Turkey and allied with the al-Qaeda branch in Syria. Where local and judicial sources indicate that there is a systematic cleansing campaign run by the Turkish forces in alliance with these supported -formations on the ground. The violations do not stop at this point. International reports confirm Turkey’s involvement in supporting armed terrorist groups on the list of international terrorist organizations. In addition, the statistics included in the report are inaccurate and are published by organizations claiming to be human rights. And its permanent function is to distort the image of the YPG and it is linked to the Turkish intelligence and financed by Qatar. Both countries are undoubtedly countries of the region accused of harboring and supporting terrorist groups.


PKK, Democratic Union and the YPG:

The black propaganda mechanism, which is always woven in the media and security rooms in Ankara and some Syrian authorities affiliated with the hardline Islamic opposition, does not stop raising the issue of linking the PKK to the YPG. These allegations have been repeatedly denied by the YPG and, the Democratic Union Party and the SDF. The State Department and the Pentagon, working on the ground with these forces, which are considered a counter-terrorism force, and the State Department’s archives are open to media outlets that want to confirm this denied that too.


The lie of “displacement” and the accusation of the YPG and the SDF.

YPG is considered the first to ensure the needs of emergency relief citizens after the liberation of any area from ISIS even before the arrival of relief organizations competent and provide medical care as available. It is the force that was able to defeat ISIS starting with Kobane and its historic battle with air support from the International Coalition. Dozens of cities, towns and hundreds of villages were liberated and hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants were freed from slaughter, slaying and flogging. Three years the terrorist ISIS occupies these cities, and take a center for the management of terrorist operations against Western and European capitals. These entities   didn’t move which is the same as that grew the basis of ISIS on their shoulders, even campaigns led by the YPG moved to protect the people and is still going on and succeeded in the salvation of hundreds of thousands of terrorism sitting on their chests.


Mostly the reports accusing the SDF and the YPG of displacing Arabs have political backgrounds, being issued by media organizations or from studies and human rights

organizations that are suspicious funded by the parties to draw or centers of fabricating certificates to serve the objective of the report and never related to the search for the truth. Charges of forced displacement was not confirmed by the supposed absolutely no neutral international organization, and that some of them relied on reports from these misguided centers, but its conclusion remained within the framework of speculation that does not refer to «displacement» on the assumption that civilians were displaced from their villages in the conflict zones ..

Even while checking the reading of the “international reports”, we find they did not  exterminate through testimony gathered from witnesses that they were targeted in the context of racial motives, but many believed that their evacuation from their homes was based on military arguments, or because of the suspicion that they are supporters of  ISIS , And even those who published their claims that they were accused of doing so did not get to be arrested (in terms of their availability to testify that supposedly took place after being charged).

The International Commission of Inquiry on Syria “issued a report on 13 August 2015 denied all allegations that the YPG displaces the Arab civilians in Hasakah and Raqqa. Provinces

On March 8, 2017, a report by the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission (UNIIIC) concluded that all reports published by opposition newspapers and human rights centers and Syrian activists said that “the Arabs were expelled from their villages by the SDF and the YPG.” The report completely denied all rumors that the SDF was trying to change the region’s demographics and it stressed that the SDF did not target any ethnic group and made great efforts to remove mines in liberated cities to ensure the return of civilians to their homes.  It added  , although claims and allegations of ethnic cleansing continue to be received during the period of review of the report  , only the UN Human Rights Committee has found no evidence to substantiate allegations that the SDF and the YPG  have targeted Arab communities on ethnic grounds,”. The report stressed that these forces did not try to change the demographics of any liberated area “nor is there evidence to alter the demographic composition of areas under their control by committing abuses against any particular ethnic group.”

All of these data, which are part of the construction phase after the liberation of cities, are open to international human rights committees and the media. To visit the city and follow up the tremendous efforts being made to overcome the consequences of 3 years of fighting against ISIS. It is certain that the facts on the ground through documented testimonies will distinguish the objectives of black propaganda from the reality on the ground

Ignoring the formation of Syrian democratic forces:

The report ignores the fact that the YPG is one of the components of the SDF which was established on 10 October 2016. It includes 35 military formations with unified command, coordination, management and operations that control and manage military campaigns.

These forces, which are a combination of an Arab-Kurdish alliance, are now the second largest in Syria. It has controlled 22.51% of the area of the Syrian territory (42 thousand square kilometers), divided over the areas of control from the Syrian border to the western countryside of Manbej, through the city and parts of Deir al-Zour, and neighborhoods in Aleppo City and Afrin Region and villages extending from the Deir Jamal to Ashala Area in the countryside of Northern east Aleppo. In addition to cities and border towns extending from the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border to the banks of the eastern Euphrates. The residents helped build local security forces to protect their liberated cities from ISIS, and the formation of local councils and civil administrations overseeing the conduct of public affairs. These victories by SDF since its foundation made it the essential force to defend of the people of northern Syria and their protection.  The SDF is the only force that has managed to organize itself well to protect the region from all attacks. It was originally founded on a democratic basis, enabling it to embrace all components without discrimination. Ethnic, religious or sectarian, and has proved that it has a system of control over its forces through its organization and training to prevent the emergence of reprisals, reprisals or malicious acts beyond the objectives for which it was originally established or any such thing, and is committed to all international laws and treaties and treat the civilians to protect their property and to treat prisoners.

The constants of these forces from democracy, freedom, co-existence and the freedom of women as a pioneering force are constantly promoted through continuous training to achieve peaceful coexistence between all components.


Since its inception, the coalition has been attacking the YPG, and later the SDF, whether in special meetings with various international organizations, parties or meetings, and in all public gatherings to combat the experience of the Autonomy in northern Syria.  They practiced their siege over the region through removing aid programs run by their own institutions, receives international funding earmarked for the Syrian people.

The reasons underlying their various campaigns, which are usually accompanied by any gains for their components, are reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The most important of these is the coalition has become a mere tool in the hands of countries that are no longer aware of the extent of the damage caused by their policies to the Syrian people, a reaction to their inability to establish themselves as an entity representing the Syrians and their revolution, and failure of coalition at all fields and levels to represent the essence and the truth of the revolution, if they indeed committed to their principles.  Although we again repeat that the region is open to all parties and organizations that wish to visit and to know the facts and to follow the details of daily lives of the people and the life returned to their liberated cities by the SDF.

Supervision: Center Media of the Syrian Democratic Forces

Prepared by: Advisory Office

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