HomemanshetThe aim of the incursion of the Turkish occupation in Kobane.

The aim of the incursion of the Turkish occupation in Kobane.

Troops of the Turkish army entered into the villages inside the Syrian territory of Kobane Canton.  The leader of YPG Yashar Kobane explained that the Turkish occupation army was planned to occupy both villages, Saftak and Bubana when they entered into the territory of Kobane Canton. Yashar confirmed that they warned the Turkish occupation of their right to retaliate if the Turkish army continues in occupation and encroachment on Kobane territory. The occupation of Turkish army continues in occupation and violations of against the lands of Rojava and the northern Syria. On Sunday, July 30, 2017, the occupation of the Turkish army occupied lands belonging to the villages of Saftak and Bubana. They also removed the separation wall in the two villages. After midnight, where the elements of the occupation of the Turkish army were laying mines along the border. In an interview with the leader of the YPG, Yashar Kobane, told the Hawar news agency that the authorities of the  occupation of the  Turkish were planning to occupy Saftak  and Bubana Villages  of Kobane Canton , but the General Command of the PG warned the  authorities of the occupation  of Turkey to retaliate when  encroaching on  Kobane Territory, entering into  even for one inch inside the territories which are occupied. Yashar pointed out that the authorities of Turkish occupation have brought the mechanisms to the border, coinciding with the mobilization of the forces for the first time against the points of the YPG, where was gathering at each point on the border more than 15 elements of the army. Yashar Kobane said at the end of his speech, that the YPG has the right to respond to any aggression by the Turkish state, and that the Turkish occupation will resume attempts, the YPG t will be ready.


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