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The Federalism of the North

It is a consensus between the community and Political Forces Elected. The Constituent Assembly of the federalism of Rojava and North Syria is continuing to hold a meeting on second day in Rmelan City in Al-Jazeera Province where the participants discuss the basic principles that will be the nuclear of collection on which the systems and laws of this federation are based.

Our own sources confirmed from the meeting place that the political forces agreed on the project   of the electoral law in the federalism of Rojava and the North Syria to be a combination between direct popular democracy through direct popular elections and a consistent democracy that is a true representative of political forces or components of society. Therefore, it was agreed that the proportion of the electoral representation, whether in the membership of the Democratic People’s Congress, which performs the functions of Parliament, or even representation in the local councils based on this consensus, and by 60% direct election by secret vote and 40% is a representation of components. In addition, the participants stressed the real equality between the genders in the percentage of the representation. Therefore, all councils and bodies must respect this equality. This equality applies equally to the components. It is decided that the representation should be fairly fair between both sexes. It was also agreed to limit the electoral representation of the elected member only two elections and those who could win the elite membership of any elected council cannot run for a third term. The meeting is continuing in Rmelan and is believed to end its work today with a final statement

. The Centre of Media of the Syrian Democratic Forces

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