HomemanshetThe SDF fighters are a bridge for to cross civilians.

The SDF fighters are a bridge for to cross civilians.

Raqqa: Four children and two fighters of the SDF were killed and a number of fighters and civilians were wounded in ISIS attack against the specialized group to free civilians. The SDF fighters were able to break the lines of ISIS in Nazlah Shahada Neighborhood, one of the southern neighborhoods of Raqqa, and to liberate streets and buildings in the neighborhood. As the civilians moved to the liberated points, a group of 12 fighters from the special groups liberated the civilians of the SDF to rescue them from the points of the clashes and take them to the safe points. However, the terrorists ISIS took the opportunity and stunned the group of civilians and fighters with a bombing car. Meanwhile landmines were burst leading to killing four children and two fighters carrying children in their arms in an effort to save them. Eight other fighters and seven civilians were injured and the health situation of some of them was critical. The clashes are continuing in the neighborhood as the specialized groups are trying to free civilians to withdraw the wounded and martyrs from the targeting area.

The Centre of Media of SDF

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