Homenewsthe trigger and an eye on life. Raqqa:

the trigger and an eye on life. Raqqa:

The SDF fighters are very careful about the lives of civilians and our emphasis on the priority of evacuating civilians from the lines of clashes to the areas where are somehow safe and far from the areas of clashes. One of our unit could carry out the task of opening a passage and could evacuate a group of civilians in Raqqa about 30 civilians. In details: A group of civilians came to the positions of our fighters in Nazlah Shahada Neighborhood and they asked for evacuation to be far from the battle. Immediately our special unit started to carry out the task of evacuation and they were extremely careful in order not make those civilians expose to bombing by ISIS especially they came at the top of clashes in those areas. Meanwhile, the special unit was carrying out the task and doing evacuation, and the clashes were ongoing, the civilians were exposed to fires leading to injury some civilians and some fighters were wounded and a civilian was killed. The Centre of Media of SDF.


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