24 mercenaries were killed, and the campaign  is continues.

After leberation  the Mansour district the violent clashes  continues in many of the fighting hubs inside the city of Raqqa, , In the context of attempts by mercenaries, to cut the advancement of our forces and access to the center of the city of Raqqa.

These clashes resulted in the deaths of twenty-four mercenaries on different fronts, and three of our fighters  rose to the rank of martyrdom

 In the Mansour district on the eastern front, clashes that lasted days led to the deaths of seven mercenaries yesterday, while clashes still continued.

On the axis of the Western Front clashes erupted there killed eight mercenaries in the neighborhood of AL-Breed and five others in the neighborhood of Nahda adjacent, and clashes broke out yesterday in the district of Batani, killing four mercenaries.

Three of the Syria Democratic Forces’ fighters rose from the ongoing clashes after our fighters showed heroic resistance on the battlefiel.


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