27 mercenaries were killed in al-Raqqa, including 7 snipers

Campaign of Al-Raqqa entered its 83rd day amid the advance of Syrian Democratic Forces fighters in the neighborhoods of Raqqa, despite violent clashes.

In the old neighborhood of Riqqa east of the city.” last night” clashes started between the fighters of the Syria Democratic forces and mercenaries of ISIS, the clashes resulted in the deaths of 15 mercenaries including 4 snipers.

In the Nahda neighborhood west of the city of AL- Raqqa, fighters are advancing in the neighborhood. The clashes resulted in the deaths of 12 mercenaries, including 3 snipers.

There were also clashes between fighters and mercenaries in al-Muroor neighborhood, west of Al-Raqqa, where precise information was not obtained on the extent of the losses sustained by mercenaries during the clashes.




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