35 mercenaries were killed and liberating al-Mahdi and Al-Rafiqa neighborhoods

Today, all the fronts of Al-Raqqa have witnessed fierce battles between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the mercenaries. The fighters have been able to advance and liberate Al-Mahdi and the Al-Rafiqa neighborhoods completely from the mercenaries. During the fighting on the four fronts, 35 mercenaries were killed and dozens injured.

After the liberation of the two neighborhoods, the fighters continued their advance in the city. The clashes broke out in Al-Rasheed and Mansur. During the battles in these neighborhoods, the fighters destroyed two vehicles and two motorcycles, in addition to kill 6 mercenaries, including a sniper.

While Al-Rawda neighborhood witnessed intermittent clashes, 4 mercenaries were killed.

In Diriyah neighborhood – west of the city, strong clashes broke out in which 5 mercenaries were killed.

In the battles of Al-Barid neighborhood, three mercenaries were killed.

During the fighting in the old neighborhoods of Raqqa, 3 Syrian Democratic Forces fighters were martyred and 3 others were injured.



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