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600 teachers  were qualified for  the villages of Ain Issa

 The activities of the training course for teachers in Ain Issa Town were concluded on Monday, aiming to provide them with a number of basic skills related to raising the skills and abilities of the education and self-education.

The course included the concept of training and its requirements and skills and its relation to educational concepts and addition to the trainee’s skills and his roles and characteristics, and the skills of effective communication and body language.

Mr. Ajeel Al-Aydan discussed the creative aspects of the trainee’s practices and how they are developed. The course dealt with the practical aspects and ways of dealing with the obstacles and challenges and because the child at this stage is exposed to various means of marginalization and the trainees’ task is complex and difficult to deal with children. The participants praised the extent of knowledge and the extent to which the course benefited from practical life.

The teacher, Youssef Tarrad Al-Habeir and Khalil Mohammed Al-Hamada, pointed out that they have acquired the golden rules for training.

They expressed their admiration for the level of organization and quality of training and how they deal with the students who were marginalized by the ISIS and the task of the trainees is to raise them Awareness and teach them and spreading awareness education through a completed federal curriculum according to the statements of Professor Ajil al-Aidan.

 It is noteworthy that this course is one of the first training courses approved by university professors.

At the end of the course, the trainees underwent practical examinations to determine the extent of benefit. It is worth mentioning that 600 teachers from Ain Issa and the surrounding villages have been qualified.


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