70 members from Raqqa joined Internal Security Forces

The Internal Security Forces in Raqqa graduated a new training course during a ceremony held at the Martyr “Rostm”, military academy in Ain Aissa district, in the province of Gere-Sbi in the Al-Furat canton.
The Internal Security Forces, in coordination with the International Coalition, organized a training course for 70 members, they received intellectual and military lessons, which lasted for 10 days.
The internal security forces in Raqqa organized the graduation ceremony today at the Military Academy in Ain Issa, attended by the commanders of the Internal Security Forces.

The Graduation Ceremony began with the presentation of the graduating members by a military show. Then, the Commander of the Internal Security Forces in Al-Raqqa, Idris Raqqa spoke to the graduating members and stressed the importance of enhancing the role of protection, in addition to the keeping of the internal security of Al-Raqqa after liberation.
After that, graduates of the military oath to follow the footsteps of the martyrs, and work on the safety of the people.
The graduates sang the revolutionary songs signed by the art divisions of the Culture and Art Center with dabkeh in Gere-Sbi /Tal-Abiad.
It is worth mentioning that this is the second training course of the internal security forces in Raqqa, in coordination with the international coalition against daesh.


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