A condolence ceremony for a martyr in Ain Issa Camp

During a funeral ceremony for the martyr Abbas in Ain Issa Camp, the condolences were presented by the joint presidency of the People’s House in Ain Issa, the President of the Council of Martyrs’ Families and leaders of the SDF and the cadres of the civil administrations in Ain Issa. During the ceremony, the President of the Council of Martyrs’ Families, Maryam offered condolences to the families of the martyr. She said in her speech: “We respect the martyrs and these who are in the frontlines. We have to give value to all communities and maintain the military organization to liberate Al-Raqqa City. She called for union and brotherhood to dispose of dark thoughts that have destroyed our society. We also stand together to face obstacles that hinder our future. She also spoke to his martyr family and said: “The Martyr does not die, the martyr does not die. Bahoz, one of the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, made a speech and offered condolences on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces. He called for the continuation of the martyrdom and the renewal of the covenant by following the path of martyrs and retaliation for them until liberation of the homeland from the enemies of humanity. He called for non-discrimination and standing side by side for freedom and democracy. He ended his speech with
“Live Long Democratic Syria” The Martyr: Hamoud al-Ahmed from the countryside of Raqqa. Revolutionary Name: Abbas Father : Mohammed Mother: Salha Date of birth: Raqqa al-Mashlab 1995 Date of join : 2017 Date of death: 25|7|2017 He has 7 brothers and he was the fifth It is worth mentioning that the martyr has a brother fighting the ISIS on the frontlines in Raqqa. The Centre of Media of the SDF

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