A polio vaccine campaign in AL- Raqqa

       The life cycle returns to normal in the liberated areas of rural Raqqa and the Civil Council provides basic services that serve the citizen and contribute to restore the smile to the citizens who have been deprived of those services for a long time.

Big campaign for AL-Raqqa children of against polio will Began today (12/8/2017). The campaign lasts for a whole week, with about 200 volunteers from the Al Raqqa community with experience and expertise in the field of Health sector. doctors, nurses and technicians. .

This campaign comes with the support of the World Health Organization

, Starting on Saturday 12/8/2017 in the countryside of Raqqa, under the supervision of the World Health Organization and UNICEF with the Health Committee in the Civil Council over the days of the week and will participate in this campaign More than 200 volunteers

The campaign will include:

 AL-Tabaqaa and its countryside,

AL-Kramaa and its countryside,

 AL-Raqqa and its countryside,

Tal Abyad and its countryside.

The campaign will include all of the city of Al-Raqqa with all its centers, villages and camps, that is regular and random It is the first campaign, a prelude to the second campaign from type 2 for polio.


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