A second house for the people in the villages in Tabqah.

In the steps towards freedom and democracy in Tabqah City after removing the shadow of blackness from the sky and the land of the city. The management of the Civil Council opened a house for the people in a large Swediyah Village belonging to the Civil Council. It is the second house for the people to open in Tabqah City during the last three days after forming a house for the people in the western town, Mahmudli. After the formation of councils and communes,  large Swediyah  Village opened the management  of the civil Council of Tabqah City  a house for the people, and on this occasion,  the joint president  of the People’s House in  large Swediyah ,  Zahra Saloum made a speech in which she emphasized the role of women in society, women. Saloum explained that this house has seven councils operating under within it and distributed in Jaabar and a small Swediyah Villages.  . The event was attended by members and cadres of the People’s House in Tabqah City and a number of the dignitaries of the region. . The joint president praised the efforts made by “the leader, Abdullah Ocalan for women’s freedom.” In turn, the joint president of the People’s House, Atta al-Khanshul, said that the People’s House would be a place for serving and organizing the community and It was confirmed by a member of Civil Council of Tabqah City, Moussa al-Khalil too. At the end, the opening ceremony was invited




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