Absence of relief support from kitchen of Ain Issa camp

As Syrian Democratic Forces advance into neighborhoods Raqqa city and narrow down on the mercenaries, the flow of displaced people fleeing from daesh areas to safe areas is increasing.
Ain Issa refugee camp receives the escapees from Raqqa, one of the largest humanitarian gatherings in the rural area of ​​Raqqa, which houses more than 11,000 displaced people.
Mr. Abdul Nasser Hami, official and supervisor of the kitchen in Ain Issa camp, stressed that the biggest burden lies with Raqqa Civil Council in the absence of relief support and the absence of organizations from the camp and the large requirements needed by the camp.
Where the camp provides one meal of food and distributed 3,700 breads daily.
He stressed that no food basket was provided to the kitchen by the organizations. He also pointed out that the equipment inside the camp’s kitchen is not enough, because the number of displaced people is large, reaching 11,000 displaced persons. He said that there are only false promises from organizations that have no credibility.
According to him, the workers in the camp work voluntarily and have not received any salary except a symbolic payoff by Raqqa Civil Council, and there is very small kitchens in the camp with the support of the camp administration that supported by Raqqa Civil Council.
He called on all humanitarian organizations, which are concerned with refugees children and women, to provide urgent support to Ain Issa camp.


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