Ain Issa Camp Clinic

As a result of the urgent and necessary need under the conditions of the emigrants, as a result of the increasing numbers of fugitives from ISIS and due to the acute shortage of doctors and specialists, the Ein Issa camp clinic was opened by the local council in collaboration with the camp administration and in cooperation with French Doctors Without Borders Through the provision of health care and first aid, including: General Overview Medical Consultation Monitoring cases of the Department of Physical Therapy.

The clinic also cares about all cases of malnutrition among children inside the camp, in addition to the existence of health educators who are interested in delivering health

awareness to the camp members and to detect all cases of illness

In addition to the full medical examination inside the camp

providing full health care to residents of the camp and for all transients who provide milk and distribute a bag of health to passers-by and residents.

Dr. Pierre confirmed that the most cases we deal with are:

1 -diarrhea and malnutrition  that is because the climatic conditions experienced by the camp residents.

2 Respiratory infections.

3-Skin diseases and skin infections.

4 All urinary tract diseases (kidney bladder fluid retention).

5 – heart disease chest pressure and all kinds of asthma .

In addition to the presence of the support team (logistics).



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