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Al-Ber and Al-Ehsan: Draw smile on children lips

As a result of the events that have taken place in the region of wars and daesh occupation for more than two years, the biggest victim was the child who replaced his pen by the sword and gardens with rings, in addition gatherings of slaughter and cutting heads in the public squares.
As a result, Al-Ber and Al-Ehsan Charity, in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council under the supervision of the management of Ain Issa Camp, is working on a recreational and educational program aimed to clear the dark and delusional thought of children. The project has received more than 450 children, to plant the trust in the hearts of children.
In addition, Knowing the dangers of waste, so as to avoid it and inform the competent authorities through drawings and slogans. The mothers’ project was also launched, weaving and embroidery. All this under the name “Hope Project”, which the number of its group is 11. By them, the smile returned to the children lips.


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