Al-karama: 1500 young men within SDF, and displaced people knocking bells of return

The issue of displaced persons is one of the most important obstacles to the work of all the committees of the Civil Council, which resulted from the war in this city to liberate them from the hands of terrorist daesh organization.
Al-Karama is considered one of the most important towns of the eastern Raqqa countryside, which suffered the scourge of war and was displaced by its terrorist acts, whether by indiscriminate bombardment of heavy weapons or by sending bombs to its groups or infiltrating its groups to commit crimes against its people. Displaced of the villages and towns of the Euphrates in the area around Al-Karama and nearby villages, which posed a humanitarian challenge that needs urgent intervention to put an effective solution to it.

The Raqqa Civil Council, represented by Mr. Omar Alloush, member of the Relations Committee and Mr. Hassan Mohammed Ali, member of the Political Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, held an extensive public meeting with sheikhs and tribal leaders in the region to discuss ways and means of returning civilians to their villages. The spread of tents randomly affects the function of the committees to the fullest extent, in addition to the suffering suffered by the displaced from extreme freedom and a significant shortage of basic services.

Mr. Omar Alloush confirmed that Raqqa Civil Council alone cannot bear the burden of this war and its results. All efforts must be exerted to overcome the effects of war on all levels, material and moral, in addition to remove the effects of this war from both the ground and the soul. We are all should have a spirit of historical responsibility, and be able to open a new page based on tolerance and forgiveness when we can overcome the small things and look forward to tomorrow with confidence and a spirit of hope.

In turn, Mr. Hassan Mohammed Ali spoke about the philosophy and concept of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence, as well as the need for all components of Syria to realize that coexistence and diversity is the natural solution to all the crises sweeping Syria, and that federation is the only solution to maintain the unity of Syria. Also, search for solutions that will contribute to the return of IDPs to their villages as soon as possible.Many Sheikhs and tribal elders who interacted with the meeting and assessed the situation on the ground expressed their understanding of the difficulties facing the Council. Both Sheikh Hassan and Nour Elddine Berij confirmed representatives of the Berij tribe, the largest tribe in the region, and expressed their support for the efforts. Affirming their readiness to organize the

gradual return of the tribe families to the town. They also stressed the necessity of organizing the local council in dignity and organizing the carrying of arms in accordance with the requirements of maintaining security and safety in the liberated areas.

They also confirmed that there are more than (1500) young members of the tribe who belong to the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces and are fighting with their fighters fighting on

the fronts of fighting against the terrorist organization.
The participants finally stressed the immediate start of the formation of committees that will supervise the return of people and then prepare for the formation of local councils that will                                                                                       ensure the management of liberated villages.





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