Al-Mansour and al-Rashid Neighborhoods are the cemetery of the ISIS

The clashes are continuing between mercenaries of the ISIS and the SDF troops amid the progress of fighters in the neighborhoods of the city.

In al- Mansoura and Rashid Neighborhoods east of the city violent clashes have been taking place since yesterday night, leading to killing 13 mercenaries in Al-Mansour Neighborhood. While 19 others were killed in Rashid Neighborhood since last night.

The clashes in this neighborhood also resulted in destroying a car bomb and the capture of one mercenary.

In Nazlah Shahada Neighborhood south of the city, violent clashes broke out, killing nine mercenaries and destroying a car bomb. Similar clashes broke out in Duraiya Neighborhood west of the city, according to preliminary information on the killing of 5 mercenaries and destroying two car bombs. During the clashes in the neighborhoods of the city two SDF fighters were killed and 6 others were wounded.




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