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Al-Raqqa tribes between reform and resistance

Follow-up to the consultations and meetings which is being hold by Raqqa Civil Council with the elders and dignitaries of the tribes in rural and liberated areas and, within the framework of reconciliation held by the tribes office in the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A meeting was held in Bir-Saran in the northern Raqqa countryside in Ali Hassoun Al-Shaheen house, as support of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Raqqa Civil Council, in the presence of a number of  elders and dignitaries of the tribes.

The meeting included words that supported Syrian Democratic Forces, stressing its continued support to Raqqa Civil Council and its assistance to carry out its duties.

Some of the elders and dignitaries confirmed that they are as a one hand with Syrian Democratic Forces against terrorist daesh organization, as well as, we are here inside the tent with love and brotherhood.

The meeting concluded with a gesture reflecting the culture and generosity of the tribe Raqqa city.


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