Anniversary statement of establishment of Al-Bab military council to Al-Bab city and its countryside

Al-Bab military council issued a statement on the anniversary of its establishment. The statement mentions the militias of the Euphrates Shield and the violations carried out against our people in Al-Bab. The statement confirmed that the military council is continuing to liberate Al-Bab from the mercenaries of the Turkish army.

This is the text of the statement:
A year after the establishment of Al-Bab military council, our people in the region of ​​Al-Bab and its villages were not able to save from terrorist daesh organizing who committed the ugliest and the most despicable types of murder and displacement against the peoples until a new entity controls this region, the militias of the Euphrates Shield, which have wreaked havoc in the region of Al-Bab and its countryside. As well as, they practiced the most horrible and despicable forms of theft, looting, murder and kidnapping against innocent civilians. We are on behalf of the command of Al-Bab military council to Al-Bab and its countryside, promise our people in the region of Al-​​Bab and countryside that we are going to liberate every inch raped from the territory of our regions, and draw from the city and its countryside model of democracy, painted in Manbej and its countryside as a model for a free democratic shared life.

General Commander
Jamal Abo Jomaa

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