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Cheerful colors cover Ain Issa

Once again, the woman returns to her existence after liberation from the puritanical terrorist organization, but this time through the feather of the artist Zainab Al-Mahmood, who tries through her paintings to restore the smile and a sense of safety for the people and children of Ain Issa town.

Zainab began working with the Raqqa Civil Council and in cooperation with Afaq Gadida organization since two weeks ago. She worked on painting the walls of the town, and decorating the hearts of her parents and children, to cross the stage of blackness and oppression into the bright and beautiful colors space to illuminate the way of the future.
The main goal of these paintings according to Zainab is to educate the people and develop the abilities and talents of the artists.
The sub-goal of the paintings was, one of them talking about the dangers of mines and the definition of people, especially children, what the mine and its dangers.
Other paintings talk about going back to school and beginning the new school year.
And others show the importance of hygiene and the habit of throwing the dirt in its proper place which is the trash can.
Another one  show the importance of water and rational use.
Other paintings by the artist were intended for children at a UNICEF kindergarten.
As for the next projects are paintings in favor of a hospital for Doctors Without Borders.
The people were influenced by these paintings and interacted with them positively, because of their ideas that affect their daily reality and reach ideas to their children smoothly and easily, because of the artist’s wonderful way in choosing attractive topics and colors.



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