Destroying a car bomb and killing 17 mercenaries of the ISIS

Many casualties in the ranks of mercenaries of the ISIS, where a large number of the ISIS fighters were killed and hundreds of them were wounded. This made the ISIS flounder, especially after meeting the eastern and western pivots of fighting in Raqqa City and failing   random attempts in attacking on the positions of the SDF by cars bomb and suicide bombers.

The SDF Fighters destroyed a car bomb of the mercenaries of ISIS and killing 17 mercenaries, including two snipers in the clashes that took place yesterday in the neighborhoods of Raqqa City and dozens of them were wounded. In the old neighborhood of Raqqa, the SDF fighters bombed a car bomb of the mercenaries, before reaching to its target.

The SDF fighters killed two mercenaries in the car while four fighters of the SDF were injured cause of bombing and their conditions are. The clashes were most intense in al-Roudah Neighborhood, where nine mercenaries were killed in the neighborhood.

In the Baread Neighborhood, there were sporadic clashes between fighters and mercenaries, of the ISIS leading to killing of six mercenaries, including two snipers



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