HomemanshetDisplaced people of Raqqa: Militia of regime is displacing civilians the Council of Raqqa is helping

Displaced people of Raqqa: Militia of regime is displacing civilians the Council of Raqqa is helping

Militia of the regime is displacing civilians and the Council of Raqqa is asking for help as a result of increasing of fighting hard in the neighborhoods of Raqqa and its surroundings and the wave of displacement towards the liberated areas of Ain Issa is increasing and the burden of the Civil Council is increasing to help these displaced people. The supported militia to the Syrian regime’s army attack civilians in the eastern countryside of Raqqa City makes the problem worse and the mass escape of the population from the power of those militias, and forced to go to the Euphrates in order to reach the liberated areas.

Yesterday, a new wave of displaced people from the villages of the eastern countryside reached who fled from the control of the regime’s militias to Jib Shair Village south of Ain Issa Town (30 km). The relief office rushed to the Civil Council to help them and provide what can be provided to them what is available in warehouses of the Relief Council. The relief office provided nearly 70 full relief packages, and supervised the distribution directly and with direct finance by the Financial Fund of the Civil Council. Each relief basket reached more than 30 kg of various essential foodstuffs, it was distributed urgently and exceptionally to deal with the emergency case that has arisen. Mr. Abdulsalam Hamsourk, the head of the humanitarian organizations office, confirmed that their relief office will distribute 120 tons of flour in al-Karameh Camp and the eastern countryside of Raqqa to face the bread crisis caused by the increase in the displacement from the areas of Madan and Sabkha to Karama and its surroundings as a result of attacks by the regime’s militias against civilians in those areas. Mr. Hamsourk also confirmed that they have a regular and a permanent program of relief 60 villages periodically and orderly. He said that the flour was provided by AidKar   the Overseas Organization for Humanitarian Affairs, it is a donor and supporting organization for the Civil Council of Raqqa in the relief field, while the warehouses of the Council are almost empty to the lack of possibilities and lack of supporting organizations. We appeal to humanitarian organizations to help the Council of Raqqa to give foods and medical aids and the provision of tents to shelter the displaced people. He also stressed the need for specialized relief staff.



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