Education Committee: Our goal is to enhance learning centered around the learner

Within the program of the education committee to develop educational work and educate teachers, providing them with the skills of the effective coach, developing their plans, supporting their self-confidence, promoting the building of effective learning communities among them, and guiding learners, providing a safe learning environment and providing an atmosphere of friendly relations among teachers. In addition to promote positive attitudes towards the profession of education and how to deal with children to create a new generation full and integrated intellectually, humanly and morally, as well as to reach a new and prosperous future, full of science and knowledge.
The Education Committee in Ein Issa opened a second course under the supervision of Raqqa Civil Council for the Rehabilitation and Training of Teachers. The course will begin on Thursday 10/8/2017 and will last 30 days and the number of those who will take benefit from this course is 35 teachers.
One of the supervised teachers on this course stressed its importance by saying: “Teachers are the true builders of this generation who lived under the dark ideas that were planted by mercenaries daesh in children thoughts; our task is to remove them and to put mature and colorful thoughts in the thinking of the younger generation. In order to build an independent, intellectual and democratic state. as well, add learner-centered learning strategies and employ educational methods that influence student learning, in addition to continuous pursuit of professional development, and the participation of an effective and safe learning environment from racism and away from the dark thought


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