Elham Ahmed: We are the political cover of Raqqa Council

On the sidelines of the meeting that held between the political and military institutions of the Federation of  Roj-Ava / Northern Syria, and the military and official delegation of the international coalition in the Ein Issa town at the headquarters of the Raqqa Civil Council in (6/8/2017), She said what she had done with her thoughts to this meeting.
She said: “We discussed the future challenges that will confront us at the political level, as well as the challenges that the administration will face after liberation, because the liberation of Al-Raqqa is an achievement for us,”. We also discussed solutions to our service, security and administrative challenges. It is well known to all of our friends in the International Coalition that the of Syrian Democratic Council is the cover and political reference of the Civil Council. It is well known that our Council oversaw the establishment of the Civil Council and provided all the resources and support in the administration of the region. The American side in turn focused on this matter and was understanding of this details.
As for viewpoints, Ms. Ahmed said: “Our views were close and there are other meetings that will emerge from this meeting to arrange work plans and find the best solutions for what can contribute to solving issues of common concern such as security stability and recycling of the educational system, in addition to the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the development of joint programs.
As for the challenges facing the Northern Syrian Federation and its military forces, she stressed that they put the intervention of regional powers and countries in the Syrian affairs at the top of the challenges list that should be discussed with coalition partners, as well as the movements of the Syrian regime and its army, Attempts to block the liberation of Raqqa city, and the system that is trying to send messages in desire to control on it, we consider this as a serious danger for us as the Syrian Democratic Council, and also include in the context of the formation of a real danger to our people in Raqqa, because the Syrian regime by its authoritarian nature has files for required People in Raqqa, which could pose a threat to the safety of citizens and exposing them to security prosecutions in places under control of the Syrian regime’s army, and therefore we assured to our partners in the international coalition on the need to manage it by local council , which will be part of Federation of Northern Syria.

The meeting was highly appreciated, while they stressed that it will not be the last meeting and will be followed by other meetings in the next stage.


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