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Establishment of pharmacists syndicate in Ain Issa

The Health Committee of the Civil Council in Raqqa has established a pharmacists syndicate, whose task is to monitor the work of pharmacies and to grant licenses to pharmacists.

At the meeting held between the Health Committee in the Raqqa Civil Council and Pharmacists working in the liberated areas of Al-Raqqa, the Committee reviewed the reality of the pharmacists work and identify the problems they suffer, as well as trying to find appropriate solutions.

In this context, Laila Mustafa, the co-president of Raqqa Civil Council, spoke about the health reality and the urgent need to open pharmacies that were closed because of terrorism of daesh.

She wished all doctors and pharmacists will return to Al-Raqqa and liberated areas, in order to build society and improve the health aspect that many people have suffered from.

She confirmed that it must be organized and under the umbrella of the Health Committee of Raqqa Civil Council.

Therefore, the Health Committee worked to develop and improve the health situation in the region, which established a pharmacists syndicate to moniter the work of pharmacists, as well as to solve their problems and provide them with licenses.

A captain and members of the Pharmacists Syndicate were elected by the pharmacists in the liberated areas.and their names are as follows:

  • Ahmed Ismail, the captain of Pharmacists.
  • Mohamed Ali Sweef.
  • Abdul Yahya Al-Moshref.
  • Ahmed Faraj Al-Shuaib
  • Metab Al-Khalaf
  • Moaed Issa Al-Kert
  • Ahmed Al-Othman
  • Ibrahim Al-Fares


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