HomemanshetFail attempts of Isis and 32 mercenary killed

Fail attempts of Isis and 32 mercenary killed

The liberation campaign of Al Riqqa continues in its 67th day with all its strength and intensity, and the meeting of the eastern axes with the West, our forces are driving forward and the collapse of the mercenaries who are trying to attack the positions of Our fighters. In this context, our fighters in the old neighborhood of Raqqa have faced an attempt to progress by a mercenary that led to the death of 13 mercenaries. In the meantime, a car carrying a Dushka weapon was destroyed. Clashes are continuing in the vicinity of Rawda in the eastern front,, and the killing two of snipers and six mercenaries was confirmed. In addition to several injuries along the mercenaries and west of the city in the Al Draya neighborhood, clashes broke out, killing eight mercenaries. In the north-west district of Bared, 5 mercenaries were killed



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