Five car bombs and a military vehicle loaded with Dushka weapons were destroyed in al-Raqqa

 The colleagues in the media office of the Coordination and Military Operations Center told us that as a result of the intense clashes today in the city of Raqqa, our forces managed to achieve progress in the Eastern Front and liberate two points where mercenaries were be fortifield and killing of 14 mercenaries.

Violent clashes broke out in the western part of the city.

The mercenaries launched a car bomb attack with which our fighters dealt with professionally and blew it up before it reached its targets.

Many mercenaries also killed the bodies of eight of them, in the hands of our fighters. In the meantime, the International Alliance aircraft provided air support through the implementation of twenty-four raid that killed at least forty-six mercenaries, And the destruction of five car bombs and a military vehicle loaded with Dushka weapons. The fighting continues in Various neighborhoods of the city.

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