Formation of a committee for the families of the martyrs in Karama Village

A committee for the families of the martyrs was formed Karama Area on Wednesday 23 August, in the presence of more than 85 people from the families of the martyrs and the Civil Council of Raqqa.

The meeting started with a minute of silence on the martyrs’ lives.

The opening ceremony was a speech by the Council of Families of the Martyrs, by Mr. Mohammed Sa’id Ismail, who confirmed the importance of this holy institution and how it is organized and working in this committee.

The meeting was run by the member, Ibrahim Muslim, of the council of the family of the martyrs.

In this context, seven members of the martyrs’ families, including three women, were elected: They are:

1. Sharifa Hussein Al-Sho’a, the daughter of the martyr, Abu Farid from Al-Haws Village.

2 – Zeinab Abdul Ajil, the wife of the martyr, Ali Abdullah from Ghassania Village.

3 – Qasim Mohammed al-Abd, the father of the martyr, Abd al-Abd from Mutab Abu Rashid Village.

4 – Ibrahim Abdullah al-Wahid, the brother of two martyrs, Rasho and from Karama Village.

5- Khazneh al-Nemir al-Samrah , the mother of Martyr, Fayez Al-Khalaf from Jadidah Khabour Village .

6 – Mahmoud Mohammed al-Masri, the brother of the martyr, Hassan Masri from Karama Village.

7 – Ahmed al-Jadaan, the father of the martyr, Abdul Hamid al-Ahmad from Karama village.

Sharifa Hussein Al-Sho’a and Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Wahid were elected to the joint presidency.

The meeting ended in a closing speech by colleague Rukan, after which the section was read by the martyrs’ families.


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