Graduating a new session of fighters of the SDF

 On Sunday, 20/8/2017, the Martyr Aziz Academy, located east of the town of Sallouk, concluded a trainings session on behalf of the martyr”  Agid ” who lost his life in the Raqqa campaign, in which 234 fighters from Raqqa, Karama and Hamrat participated.

The course lasted 17 days during which the fighters received combat and military lessons, security systems and the ethics of the SDF. The graduation ceremony began at the headquarter of the Academy in the presence of a number of leaders of military factions belonging to the SDF and a number of elders and dignitaries of the tribes.

The ceremony began with a military parade presented by the fighters participating in the session followed by a speech by the leader of the SDF, Farhan Haj Issa, focused on the task on the shoulders of the in defending the land and uprooting the roots of terrorism.

The fighters then led the military oath to end the ceremony by holding the Dabkeh (dancing) rings.



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