Graduation of the third course of Special Forces in Afrin

The Academy of Martyr (Zakaria Abed) of the Defense and Self-Scurity Forces in Afrin canton graduated the third course of their special forces.

The ceremony was attended by the joint chairman of the Executive Council “Osman Sheikh Issa” and a number of heads of bodies in addition to the fighters of the protection’s people units and women. The third course of the special forces of the Defense and Self-Security Forces was graduated. Fifty fighters joined in the three-month course with the concept of the democratic nation.

The ceremony began with a military show by the graduates of the special forces. Then, the head of the Defense and Self-Security Body Bahjat Abdo, congratulated the graduates and the attendence this course of the Special Forces of the Self-Security Forces.

It is worth mentioning that the course was named the “martyr Mustafa Osman”, who was martyred in Ain Dukna on 17 last July.


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