HomedialogueHaj Issa: Rumors of return the regime is dreams of some, and wishes for others

Haj Issa: Rumors of return the regime is dreams of some, and wishes for others

In the framework of communication and interaction between our forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces and among the various social activities, the Relations Office of the General Command of our forces has started a series of meetings and public meetings in the liberated areas and villages to find out what this stage requires of concerted efforts in the fight against terrorism, as well as to search for the best way to remove the obstacles and to build an interactive social administration system, in which different activities are involved and establish a pluralistic life based on acceptance of diversity, and diversity within the framework of unity.
In this context, the Office of Relations held a public meeting in Al-Hamarat village in the eastern countryside of Raqqa city, and a similar meeting to the sheikhs and elders of the Arab tribes on the banks of the Euphrates River.

The meetings discussed activating the role of the tribes in providing popular and political support to Syrian Democratic Forces, and the best way to coordinate between the military forces and social activities, as well as preparing to open the official discussion on the future of the region administratively according to the political project adopted by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
In addition, the participants discussed the administrative and security problems in the region, ways to avoid these problems and to imagine the best solutions to them, in order to ensure calm and stability, in addition to achieve a good level of social security, as well as talk about the general political situation in Syria, and about the media associated with the regime and promoted rumors.

The participants lied to all these rumors, while called to overcome them and concern for the displaced people.
Farhan Haj Issa, the head of the Relations Office in (SDF) stressed that our forces are the most effective on the ground and carrying the project of political and moral change of all components in Syria. We were able to bring the youth of Syria in a single side against terrorism, which called daesh that has the philosophy of murder, slaughter, pillage and rape.
Similarly, Haj Issa stressed that our forces, as determined to fight terrorism to the end, rumors propagated by some about the return of the regime is dreams of some, and wishes for others. It is elusive for all, what was liberated by the blood of the north sons, it will be controlled by them only.
At the end of the meeting, the dignitaries affirmed their support and for Syrian Democratic Forces, and called on young people to join their ranks.


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