HAT Graduates 3rd training course in Afrin

The Martyr Zagros Academy for Intellectual and Military Training of the HAT of Asayish of Rojava has completed its third training course in Afrin Canton. On Tuesday evening 8/8/2017 at the Academy of the Martyr Zagros in Afrin Canton , the graduation ceremony of the third session of the rapid intervention forces in the Canton after the completion of a training course that lasted 4 months and participated by a number of members of the rapid intervention forces of the Kurds and Arabs. It was the Martyr Samco Course. The ceremony began with a minute of silence. After that, several speeches were made by Hassan Bairm, the head of the interior committee in Afrin Canton, Hefei Mustafa, the joint president of the executive council in the Canton, and Ahmed Khalil, the administrative director of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation. The speeches congratulated the graduation of the third session of the Rapid Intervention Forces in Afrin Canton, coinciding with the consolidation of the federal system demands of the components of the North of Syria, condemning at the same time the attacks aimed at the Afrin Canton and the people, stressing that those who bomb the Canton will meet the fate of the ISIS met. The words pointed out that ending such a course under the conditions of the Canton is a decisive response to the plots targeting the people of the Canton, and stressed the need to pay attention and strengthen the defense system in Rojava. After the speeches were ended, the graduators offered military shows that included fitness shows in addition to the applications of the rapid intervention and martial arts of the fighting. . The ceremony was ended with the folk dancing on revolutionary songs



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