Health Committee:  Tour to attach reality of pharmacies work

The health sector is considered one of the main sectors in every society. In light of the conditions which happened in the country, this sector exposed to many difficulties resulting from the practices of terrorist organizations. The various types of pressure exerted on the sector’s cadres of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others. As a result of that, sector has become a lack of competent cadres and entered a wide range of people who are not specialists; who have done this work in various areas  without obtaining the owner of the profession official certificate.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council formed Health Committee. The members of the health committee, headed by Mustafa Abdo, Khaled Al-Khalil and Joan Mahmoud Al-Thakhira, were chosen to monitor the work of pharmacies.

Head of the Committee, Mustafa Abdo, stressed that our mission is to control pharmacies that do not have official pharmaceutical certificates and to grant new licenses to pharmacists.

The committee have worked as a field tour to many villages. The 12 pharmacies were confiscated for pharmacies who do not have pharmaceutical certificates; not authorized to work in this field.

The number of regular pharmacies in these villages is 9. The necessary procedures have been taken against the pharmacies in violation of the initial warning with close their pharmacies. In the case of repeated, medicines will be seized and confiscated for the Ain Issa refugee camp.

Mustafa Abdo pointed out that the committees in all the liberated areas to work in monitoring of pharmacies and follow-up of their work to take the necessary measures against violators, and for drugstores were informed not to sell drugs to non-licensed pharmacies.


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