Heavy bombardment targeting the countryside of Afrin and the areas of Shahaba with the flight of Turkish airliners

 The villages of the countryside of Afrin and the areas of “Shahaba” in the countryside of Aleppo were subjected to heavy shelling from the areas of control the mercenaries of the Dra,a Euphrates of the Turkish army. Where Qustal Jendu Village in Shara Neighborhood in the countryside of Afrin was shelled, and more than 10 shells fell on the area.

The shelling is still continuing with Turkish flights. The villages and towns of Tal Moodeaq, Tal Refa’at, Sheikh Issa and al-Shahaba Dam were also subjected to violent shelling.

A faction of Al-Thouar army responded to the source of the shelling and violent clashes took place in the area.

The center of Afrin City was exposed last night to a rocket attack, causing physical damage.


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