House for women in Mansoura town

In the framework of the Women’s Council’s efforts to organize women, a women’s house was opened in the Mansoura town in the south-eastern countryside of Tabqa. Al-Tabqa Civil Council seeks to organize all women in Al-Tabqa and its countryside.

In the presence of a large number of women, Al-Tabqa Civil Council opened a women’s house in Mansoura in the presence of representatives of the women’s organizations in Manbej, members of the Women of Al-Tabqa Civil Council, the People’s municipality and the Social Justice Court.

During the ceremony, the administrative in women council in Al-Tabqa, Hind al-Ali, stressed the need for women’s participation in various political, intellectual, military and economic fields.

The Women’s House in Mansoura received congratulatory telegrams from the Star of the Social Justice Court, the People’s Assembly in the class and several women’s organizations in Manbej.

The poet, Khitam Al-Huda concluded the opening with a poem about women and issues related to her freedom.


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