HomemanshetIn Al-Shahaba: ISIS is bombing safe villages

In Al-Shahaba: ISIS is bombing safe villages

is continues and our forces are continuing to advance in Raqqa City, the alleged capital of the terrorist ISIS. The occupation of Turkish army and their terrorists are continuing in attacking against liberated villages in Shahaba and Afrin. Our sources on the ground confirmed that the  of Turkish occupation army and their terrorists  in the so-called  the ” Euphrates Shield” are  continuing  in  bombing Mar a’naz, Menig, Kafr Anton and Ain  Diqna with heavy weapons indiscriminately without moral deterrents.

They don’t also differentiate between the military sites and the nearby population centers of the lines of clashes. Our sources confirmed that this indiscriminate shelling caused physical damage to civilians’ properties and did not achieve their military objectives. The shelling is continuing, while the factions of rebel army and the (YPG) are responding to the sources of fire.


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