Insecticide spraying campaign inside Ain Issa camp

The torture of refugees in Ain Issa camp – north of Raqqa, who fled from Daesh to the camps to deal with the problem of snakes, scorpions and poisonous desert animals, wandered around their tents, and the biggest problem was to threaten displaced children.
In this context, the management of Ain Issa camp, in collaboration with the United Nations General Secretariat and under the supervision of Raqqa Civil Council, Othman Company for Insecticides operating in Qamishli city, and as a result of the urgent need to start work within the camp to spray pesticides inside and around tents, in addition to around the camp. Its work will be in four stages, separating each phase and another twenty days, and they are now in the third stage and remained only one stage to get rid of all those animals and insects harmful and their eggs.
Note: Insecticides have no side effects on IDPs.
The company stressed that it is ready for a new campaign inside the camp if necessary, to preserve the safety of refugees in the camp to provide them with the basic elements of life.


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