International Coalition meets Northern Syrian Federation

Through coordination center and relation with the International Coalition – one of the offices of the Syrian Democratic Forces – and under the supervision of Mr. Amad Sidou, the political advisor of the Center, an expanded meeting was held between officers and politicians representing the International Coalition and representatives of the military and political institutions of the headquarters of the Civil Council of Al-Raqqa in Ein Issa town today (6/8/2017) to discuss the conditions of rural and areas and to develop post-liberation scenarios at all levels and potential challenges in the next stage.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Alex Starr, Representative of the US State Department for Civil Affairs in the International Coalition, Mr. Camberly Bellley, Representative of the US State Department for Political Affairs, and  Commander in the Special Forces of the International Coalition in Syria.
The representatives of the military and civilian institutions in Roj-Ava and northern Syria were attended by Mr. Amad Sidou, political advisor to the coordination center with the International Coalition, Elham Ahmed, the joint president of the Democratic Syrian Council, Hassan Mohamed Ali and Abdelkader Meuhad, commanders in the Democratic Syrian Council, Gihan Sheikh Ahmed and Talal Sellou, two media spokesmen in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Abdelqader Afdili, commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Laila Mustafa and Shawach Al-Borsan, the two co-presidents of the Civil Al-Raqqa Council, Roshan Ahmed and Ahmed Shaaban, co-presidents of Tabqa, in addition to Idris Mohammed, The general commander of Al-Tabqa.
The meeting, which lasted for about three hours, was under the auspices of the Coordination and Relations Center with the International coalition in order to bring the points of view closer together and to discuss all the challenges facing Al-Raqqa after liberation at all levels, security, administrative and service. Between the coalition and the political reference represented in the Syrian Democratic Council.
The representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council at the meeting confirmed that they represent the political cover and the legal reference of the Council of Civil Rights and all the areas liberated by our forces. This is the political body that oversaw the establishment of the Council of Raqqa and gave it support and full potential. While the delegation of the coalition understood that and stressed that the views are very close and that other meetings will emerge from this meeting to arrange work plans and to reach the convergence of views, and to develop the final perceptions of the challenges expected, in addition to that discussed the interventions of the regional countries, and the attempts of the Syrian regime to obstruct an investigation campaign Raqqa is the most important challenge that must be stopped and resolved at its roots.
As for the military aspect, the agenda of the meeting was to provide the necessary protection for post-liberation security, as well as to keep the internal security of the city and the countryside, institutionalize military and security work, and provide all the technical and military capabilities needed to accomplish military and security tasks professionally, high and in harmony between the partners of the International coalition, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces of Al-Raqqa.
The meeting also emphasized the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces and its work under the guise of the political authority (SDC) and the need for the international coalition to keep its responsibilities regarding the lines of contact between it and the forces of the Syrian regime, and its attempts to fabricate additional fronts. Therefore, the international coalition must do what it takes to deter the Syrian regime in its abuses on the federal border.


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