HomemanshetJihan Sheikh Ahmed: History will remember that we only know victory

Jihan Sheikh Ahmed: History will remember that we only know victory

Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, the official speaker of the Euphrates rage campaign, confirmed that our forces are achieving historic and important victories against the terrorist daesh organization. Our forces are moving ahead the city neighborhoods to end the myth of the alleged caliphate, as it is in the framework of the plans which is written from the beginning.

Sheikh Ahmed said to our site: “With the dawn of this day (12/8/2017), we have left sixty-eight days behind our backs of the Euphrates rage campaign to liberate Al-Raqqa, the alleged capital of the alleged wrongful succession”.

Our operations room in the Syrian Democratic Forces has achieved historic victories, which were planned with military professionalism, discipline and great patience, we achieved the result of the hardest part of what we have set in mind.

Now our forces are moving ahead all fronts, especially the front of the old quarter of the city, and with this progress we have taken the biggest steps we have planned.

The campaign continues – this is doubtless – and the near days will prove that, and history will see that our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, only know victory.

The social media had pictures of Sheik Ahmed and other commanders in the Euphrates rage campaign walking through the streets of liberated neighborhoods yesterday after Syrian Democratic Forces completed the delivery of the eastern and western fronts to each other.

It is noteworthy that Jihan Sheikh Ahmed is a native of Raqqa city, and besides being the official speaker, she is a commander in the Euphrates rage campaign.



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