HomemanshetLeaflets in Raqqa, to make civilians avoid clashes areas

Leaflets in Raqqa, to make civilians avoid clashes areas

Within the advancing of the Syrian Democratic Forces and heavy losses among the mercenaries, in addition to the siege on them in Raqqa city. So, In order to keep the safety of civilians, the coalition aircraft threw several leaflets in both Al-Manosur and 23 February, aiming to make the civilians avoid the areas of clashes and how to get out of the city.

The leaflets also included the handover the mercenaries themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

These leaflets included the following phrases, ” Your communication device doesn’t not lie, your command lies”

For civilians “Syrian Democratic Forces will deal with you well, and they will come without any fear. They will bring you back to your homes after liberation. Move away from daesh centers and its main military points”.


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