Medical support from the International Alliance to the Civil

 Council due to the humanitarian crisis that the people of Al-Raqqa affected and their displacement from their villages and cities due to the terrorist acts that they were subjected to by the ISIS who took them as human shields to protect themselves.

Al-Karama and Tabqa Town where large waves of displaced people have arrived and camps have been opened to accommodate them and put pressure and a humanitarian challenge on the Civil Council as the only official authority dealing with the Administration of liberated areas that is supported by the international Coalition which is 73 countries against Terrorism.

Several meeting were held between the joint presidency of the Civil Council and its subcommittees, on the one hand, and representatives of the International Alliance, both military leaders and civil administrations, which conducted official visits and tours of liberated areas.

They looked up closely disastrous humanitarian conditions in these villages and camps, What Council committees need to secure medical, relief and humanitarian care for those affected by the fighting. In addition, the International Coalition provided urgent medical assistance to the Civil Council through its health committee supervising the health sector in the Province, including quantities of medicines and medical drugs, and some tools and medical supplies, as well as a number of tents that can be used as temporary field medical points.

The medical support consisted of supplies for the treatment of medical clinics as well as tools for the transport of patients and injuries as well as office tables, in addition to a good quantity of medicines and drugs, which included medical and saline water and alcohols and ready bins for first aids. Some of the drugs used in local anesthesia and general anesthesia and surgery tools for surgery rooms, and some surgical equipment, as well as cotton and medical adhesives, and antiperspirants For burns of all kinds a.

Dr. Saddam Al-Huwaidi, Chairman of the Health Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa, confirmed that these medicines and supplies will be distributed immediately to the health centers operating in Tabqa and Al-Karama. He confirmed that this support is the first of its kind but will not be the last. In the International Alliance confirmed there are supports that will be given later to the Health Committee in order to provide the best possible medical services to the people.




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