mercenaries of the{ Draa AL- Euphrates } renewed their bombardment of the villages of Afri.

 The Information Office of the Coordination and Military Operations Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces reported that the mercenary groups backed by the Turkish occupation army pounded Beilun Hill in the area of Shirawi, south of Afrin, by ten artillery shells at 11 o’clock Tonight (14/8/2017). alot of loss of material damage to the property of citizens. The mercenaries and the Turkish occupation army are trying to open day-to-day fronts with the People’s and Women’s Protection Units and the AL-Thoar army in the areas of Afrin and Al-Shahba and also to cut off the roads on Afrin in an attempt to Limit the gains of the region’s components in building their political departments away from guardianship policies and help mercenaries inside the tenderness.


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