On the first day: More than 1,000 children vaccinated in Raqqa

 with the help of young people and the wisdom of the elders.The teams of  vaccination campaign  which is about 200 volunteers was launched on Saturday, 12 August 2017, to cover more than ten villages from the countryside of Raqqa on the first day of the campaign. The Health Committee of the Civil Council in Raqqa started the vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis this morning (12/8/2017) in the villages north of Raqqa City , where the villages o following  Hazima, Abu Sharab, Kalata, al -Musharraf  (Southern  / Northern ) Tishreen Plantation , Middle  Kebash and western Kabsh and Royan  (southern / northern). According to our sources, more than 1,000 children were vaccinated for the day, about 200 children in Hazima Village, 60 children in Abu Sharab Village , 30 children in al-Musharraf  Village and  350 children in Tishreen Plantation , 150 children  in  Middle Kebash Village , 200 in the western Kebash Village , and the number was not known in Royan Village , southern and  northern Kalata Village . The campaign was launched under the supervision of the Civil Council and supported by the World Health Organization and UNICEF to vaccinate children against polio. The children of Al-Raqqa Governorate were deprived of health care as a result of the control of the terrorist ISIS on the governorate and the prevention of health organizations from working in the governorate. This campaign has volunteered 200 volunteers between a doctor and a nurse with experience in the field of health work. Dr. Saddam al-Huwaidi, the head of the health committee, confirmed that this campaign will include all the villages in the governorate and we will try to reach all the children. The Health Office, Jewan al-Nakharah said that this vaccine is a single mouth points, given exceptionally against polio from the age of today (newborn) to the age of five years. The campaigners emphasized that the motivation that prompted them to seek help and to start this campaign is the emergence of poliomyelitis in Ali Baglia Village from the countryside of Tel Abyad City / Gere Sepia  As a result, those concerned with UNICEF and the World Health Organization, who responded favorably With distress. The campaign will continue throughout the days of the week and will cover the rest of the villages north of Raqqa as well.



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