On the third anniversary of the massacre of the Shaitat, continuing in fighting terrorism

Three years ago in August 2014, the terrorist ISIS committed the worst massacre against the Shaitat Clan, which refused to be controlled under terrorism and refused to surrender. This resistance led to killing 700 martyrs including the best sons of the clan in the resistance against the   terrorism of ISIS. This resistance, which all the Syrians were proud of in all their forms, and it was a supreme example of the ideals of heroism, redemption and refusing humiliation and insult. It was a source of excitement and provocation of the tribal clan to reject submission and humiliation and a first kernel for   establishing a broad resistance front that will open all fronts against terrorism until it is defeated and destroyed. The Military Council of Deir ez-Zour, which is part of the Syrian democratic forces, is a natural and inevitable outcome of what the case must be. It is a natural response to what happened with the Shaitat Clan. It is a clear and explicit challenge to terrorism in all its names. Terrorism cannot prevail because it made the victory in one tour and it is also an emphasized the fact that the illusion has only a tour and rightness has many tours legends. The victory is only an hour’s patience.

We are in the Military Council of Deir al-ez-Zour Military at the time of our condolences to the martyrs of Shaitat and to revive their memories with more reverence and honor, we promise them that we are moving forward to the end to defeat terrorism from our country and the return of our tribes and our people to their villages making the victory and making sure that the black color has no future in our country.

The Syrian people lived in all components glory

and the eternity to the martyrs

and  shame and disgrace to the criminals .


The Military Council of Deir ez-Zour 10/8/2017

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