Opening candidacy for co-presidency of communes  in cantons of Democratic Federalism of Northern Syria

The High Electoral Commission announced the opening of the candidacy for the co-presidency of the communes in the cantons of the democratic federation of the Northern Syria, from 16 August to 30 August, and clarified the conditions that must be met by each candidate.

The Democratic Federalism of the Northern Syria is preparing to hold elections for the co-presidency of the communes in the three federal democratic cantons (Al-Jazeera, Al-Furat and Afrin) on 22 September, according to the decision of the Federal Democratic Council within its meeting that held on 27/28 of last June. Which stipulates the date of elections.

The High Commission announced the conditions to be provided in the candidate in addition to the required papers.

Each candidate has the right to broadcast the advertisements of his candidacy and to explain his program statement, objectives, and all related to his electoral program.

The High Electoral Commission will examine the applications submitted by the people on August 31 and September 7, and on the 8th of the same month. The names of those accepted for the co-presidency of the communes will be announced according to alphabetical order.



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